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Use the power of explosions to move your character in unique and fun way to find your way out of Hell. This game is designed to be a fun challenge for those attempting it for the first time. And for those seeking competitive challenges we have leader boards and achievements with rewards.


The game is currently in development and you are now able to download our free beta from the first level (Hell) with all the features:

  • Leader boards
  • Achievements with rewards
  • Checkpoints (Autosave on checkpoints)

In full game we will be releasing the complete level which has two parts: Hell and Heaven.


We decided to leave our tutorial and help texts out of the game to see how you manage without them! Might add them back later, but hopefully not.

Here is my play through video of the game which should help if you are stuck.


We are two university students developing this game. And this is my thesis project. We participated in Bit1 game development competition with this game in Finland and got to second place! Referees were from companies such as Supercell and Remedy.


Come and talk to us on our discord about anything really! Would love your feedback also!

Click here to join our discord!

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